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Alexander Votsmush (Shumtov) [feedly]

Alexander Votsmush (Shumtov)
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Alexander Votsmush (Shumtov), watercolors
Alexander Votsmush is a Crimean painter who works in watercolor. The name "Votsmush" is actually a pseudonym — a rearrangement of his actual name, "Shumtov" — that he adopted in his college days.

Votsmush has a unique and very appealing approach to his watercolors — part graphic, part paintlike, with skewed verticals and horizontals, or curves in their place — that that give his pieces a feeling of casual, lively structure and informal rendering.

Some of his pieces have a narrative feeling and may have been intended as illustrations, but I don't actually know.

Votsmush does not have a dedicated web presence, so you need to rely on articles in which others have posted his work. One of the best is a series of three articles on Asif R Naqvi's blog Living Design: "The wonderful world of watercolor maestro Alexander Votsmush (Part 1)", along with Part 2 and Part 3.

There is another article on Scribd, and a 2014 interview with Votsmush on Art of Watercolor.

The work of Alexander Votsmush will be on display at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA, in a solo show that opens today, October 8, and runs until October 23, 2016. There is a gallery of his work on their site.

[A note of caution: if you go searching for Votsmush paintings on sites other than the ones listed here, be wary — some of the ones I encountered, particularly with .ru domains, set off my anti-virus alarms.]



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