Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Final Project FALL TERM 2016 Due December 11, 12

Final Project: Fall Term 2016

DUE DECEMBER 11th & 12th (for respective classes)

 Use your FINEST 18 x 24 paper, if you want to use another type of surface, or break the drawing up into a different format, come talk with me.
 Use one of the medias that we have used during class, charcoal, pencil etc.

Find modern day objects to group into a still life that will represent an ancient or classical fairytale, myth or legend.

  You may:
Use photographs
feature pictures within pictures

avoid copyright issues
Do not present unfinished work

This is your opportunity to really put some time into a drawing, making it sing but be conscious that there can also be a tendency to overwork a drawing. Make sure you are communicating the subject well, that you are maintaining contrast and objectivity.

Have FUN!

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