Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Final Project: Fall Term 2015

DUE DECEMBER 7th & 8th (for respective classes)
1. Use your 18 x 24 paper
2. Use whatever materials that you wish that we have explored in class but be aware not to use this drawing as a platform for too much experimentation, use a media that you feel somewhat confident in.
3. Use one of the methods that we have gone over in class.
4. The drawing should use a foreground, middle-ground and background with an appropriate light source.
5. Base the drawing off of one you have already done in your sketchbook.

This is your opportunity to really put some time into a drawing, making it sing but be conscious that there can also be a tendency to overwork a drawing. Make sure you are communicating the subject well, that you are maintaining contrast and objectivity.

Have FUN!

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