Thursday, March 7, 2019

James Jean Talks Art and Design

Fwd: Alchemy Call for Submissions


Hello! Please help your students celebrate their work by submitting their essays, poems, short stories, and/or art! Due by 3/22 

Writers and artists, we want to showcase your work! Alchemy is Sylvania's art and literary magazine. It's a perfect bound, full-color book published each spring. It includes PCC students and established writers, and our student editorial team would love to consider including your work. Please submit by 3/22. More details found at:

Vandoren Wheeler 
Writing & Literature

Monday, March 4, 2019

Scratchboard Links

03-04-2003, 07:40 PM
I have a recipe for making the clayboard not sure where I found it. Think it was Dianes recipe. Hope it helps. 

PVA (white craft glue) 
Whiting (fine chalk like powder, or plaster) 
White Paint (cheap, water based) 

Mix 2parts PVA, 2 parts Whiting, and 1 part White Paint. Paint thickly with a broad brush on
a piece of hard board (keep board flat). Make 4 to 6 coats letting it dry between coats. The glue prevents the penetration of the inks, the whiting gives body, and the paint makes it white. If you experiment you will find the combination that suits you. Sand it smooth and add inks.